Sheba & Chudo
Born 8 June 2003
Week 7
21 July to 27 July
Position is still everything
Feet are good to chew on,
if I can just catch him
Poop Scoop supervisor
21 July
6 Weeks 1 day
22 July
6 Weeks & 2 Days
23 July
6 Weeks & 3 Days
25 July
6 Weeks & 5 Days
What! Me chew grass?
Surely you must be kidding
27 July
7 Weeks
Week 8
28 July to 3 August

King of the mountain.
QUEEN of the mountain.

Just wait till I get my big teeth!
I'll show you what I can do to a hose.
Corners are for digging holes.
With a little help of course.
And then you lay in the dirt.
Who's the bully?
28 July
7 Weeks & 1 Day
I'm gonna get you.
29 July
7 Weeks & 2 Days
There's always one that likes to air it out.
And there's always one that likes to hide under the covers.
I'm sure I heard the food bowl.
30 July
7 Weeks & 3 Days
I'll get to the corner before you will
I said I would get here first.
So I will just take this corner.
2 August
7 Weeks & 6 days