We send all of our combings to Brenda Mowery in Alaska.
If you wish to send your combings to her, click here for instructions.
She started this as a hobby using the hair from her 6 dog team, and it has grown into an full time business. Most of the items are sold in gift shops in the Denali Park, but mail order is also available. If you are interested in purchasing an item, contact Brenda at the address below.


P.O.Box 164
Cantwell, AK 99729

Dogfur & Wool
A special blend of fiber.
Hand-Crafted in the Mountains of the Alaska Range.

A blended mix of 50% doghair and 50% Alaskan wool is hand spun on a tradional style spinning wheel into yarn. For a full spectrum of colors, Brenda hand dyes a portion using commercial grade dyes. This yarn is then hand knit into earbands and two different styles of hats.

The earflap style hat is trimmed with muskrat, beaver or otter and lined with heavy weight quality polarfleece in the crown. The ties are braided leather with a cord lock. As a finishing touch, a braided tassel has a handmade 'bead' made from shed caribou antler. A quality hat worth the warmth. Worn on the Iditarod Trail by racers and volunteers, yet fancy enough for around town.

A toque style hat is also available. Hand knit with the same blended yarn, this hat is partially lined with either quality polarfleece or Berber fleece which also trims the lower edge. A braided tassel with signature 'antler bead' also finishes this hat.

If you don't see a color you like, contact Brenda and she
may be able to make you one with the colors you want.
Earflap style hat
Lined with Otter
Lined with Otter
Lined with Muskrat
Lined with Beaver
Toque style hat
Life is good!
Warm hats and little puppies.
Future sled dogs and musher.
Lead dog and friend.